Our Projects

Full Spectrum Doulas

The role of a doula is to completely support the person they are working with, whether this be in birth, miscarriage, abortion, or other reproductive care. We are currently working on fundraising to bring out abortion doula trainers to facilitate an Abortion Doula training in Colorado. We will be creating an abortion doula program with local clinics in the Denver / Boulder area. 

Prison Birth Project

In September, The Colorado Doula Project taught the first childbirth education class in the history of Colorado prisons. We are working towards establishing ongoing prenatal classes, postpartum circles and a birth doula program to support incarcerated people giving birth.

Queer Birth Connection

As full spectrum doulas and reproductive justice advocates, we have seen the disparities and gaps in care for the queer and trans community. We are developing prenatal classes, postpartum support groups, and a list of competent care providers in the area specifically geared towards queer and trans folks.